White Noise Build-Up in NI Massive

Build-up, riser, sweep, transition effect… call it what you will, adding a simple element like some white noise to your productions is a nice professional touch.

We have had several tutorials on how to use white noise creatively both in NI Massive sound design sessions and in your music, and this is one more for you to add to your list of tricks to pull out when creating your tracks. YouTube user QudekMusic does a good job of showing the difference of a build-up right before the drop with and without a white noise sweep added, and it’s pretty hard not to be impressed just how much a simple effect like this impacts the overall feel of the transition. It adds a ton of excitement and tension as the drums build, no doubt a handy tool to have at the ready. He show how to get it all done in a about a minute, and with little effort.

None of the main oscillators are needed for this effect, as the noise panel is its own oscillator. Just set it to white noise and turn up the amp. You then run this through a daft filter, or other filter of your choice depending on the type of sound you’re going for, and modulate the cutoff with an LFO running a saw wave for a clean and linear sweep. That’s it! It really is another great example of less is more, when it comes to designing and implementing effects like this.

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  • ruckas

    Any chance you could do a tutorial on how youve made the rising sound for 1.56?