How To Use The Internal Envelopes in Massive

In this tutorial, Echo Sound Works shows you how to use those internal envelopes in Massive to make your sounds more expressive!

Have you ever wondered what those internal envelopes in Massive are for? Well you’re not alone.

They are only are visible on a few tabs in Massive. You can see the internal envelopes on the OSC Tab as well as all of the LFO tabs. That’s it.

They are essentially very basic envelopes that can control or modulate a select few parameters like vibrato, glide and the LFO’s.

Using the internal envelopes in Massive on the vibrato depth for instance, will control when the vibrato becomes audible. This is what the video tutorial centers around. The same idea applies for the LFO’s. You can use these to control when an LFO will be audible in a sound. For Dubstep wobbles, this becomes very useful in that you can create very complex wobble sounds. Using the internal envelopes instead of an actual envelope frees up more modulation options.

Check the video to hear how the internal envelopes in Massive can control vibrato!


Echo Sound Works

  • Alpha Cor

    Nice that’s helpful. What’s the difference between a big blue envelope and a internal one?

    • adsrsounds

      Internals can only be used on the panel they are in. I’d use them where you can to save the other modulators for sound design.

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