Tropical House Whistle Lead in Massive

In this tutorial, Echo Sound Works shows you how to make a Tropical House whistle lead in Massive. It’s a great chill lead!

If you didn’t see last weeks video tutorial on how to make a Tropical House wobble synth check it out HERE.

This Tropical House whistle lead in Massive is a great sounding chill lead. It’s really easy to make too!

I used a Squ-Sw II wavetable and set the WT Pos to around half way and the intensity down almost all the way. Having the intensity down is an important step because if it’s up too high, the sound becomes too bright. I blended this with a little Tape Hiss noise, but you could use any noise type that you like.

To make the Whistle lead in Massive more like an actual whistle, I applied some vibrato that is being controlled by an envelope. The key here is to add delay to the envelope to make the vibrato come in slowly. If you think about an actual whistle and how the pitch might fluctuate, it typically won’t happen right away.

Finally, using a little bit of Chorus can really help pull the whistle lead in Massive together. It adds the right amount of air and thickness.

Check out the video to hear the Tropical House whistle lead in Massive!


Echo Sound Works