Trap Sounds with NI Massive Part 4 – Snares and Claps

Welcome back to the final installment of this month’s members only video tutorial series on producing Trap music with NI Massive. Today we look at snare drum and clap elements.

We are happy to welcome back Jonny for yet another great tutorial that wraps up this members only video series on producing Trap style music with NI Massive. In this lesson we learn how to make some snare drum sounds and a clap sound to add to the song that has been built up throughout the course of this series. These three sounds will be layered together to provide a punchy percussive hit that will readily cut through the rest of the music to help keep the groove going. This means putting in a fair bit of thought ahead of time to figure out what qualities and characteristics are needed in each sound for all three to come together and become one seamless sound.

Designing sounds that will be layered with other sounds is a very different process than simply designing a sound that will stand on its own. And once you are done creating the sounds, the work is far from over. You will also need to spend the time processing each one with EQ, compression and whatever kind of effects you want to add to spice things up a bit. This is all in an effort to create the very best sound possible for your project and so that it cuts through the mix properly when it is joined up with all the other instrumentation in your track.

Over the course of this past month, we have barely scratched the surface of what you can do with NI massive in regards to producing an entire track with just one synth. This is a great challenge and a wonderful way for you to gain a much deeper understanding of how the program works and the mechanics of sound design and processing for a specific musical genre. Now that you have successfully followed along with the entire series, you can begin experimenting with doing something similar on your own. Knowing how to create every sound in a song is the fastest way to becoming a master of that synth!