How to recreate the iconic Transformers sound in just a few minutes!



This is a great in-depth NI Massive video tutorial from YouTube user who shows how he was able to recreate the Transformers sound in just a few minutes! This is an awesome technique used by a lot of the big guys out there right now, like Aphex Twin, Skrillex, etc. The best thing about this kind of sound is that you can manipulate it so easily and put it to good use in just about any kind of music! So make sure you take the time to go through this one and add it to your audio arsenal. :) Below are a few words from Conduit. If you like what he is doing, support him and check out more of his stuff by following the link above.

This is a little tutorial I did to show you how to make a transformers sound or something that sounds like Muffler in Massive.

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Transformers Sound Design in NI Massive

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