Learn How To Make A Simple Trance Saw In Massive

In this tutorial, Echo Sound Works shows you how to make a simple Trance saw in Massive that is perfect for multiple genres of EDM!

This Trance saw in Massive is the perfect sound to build into your drops in multiple genres of EDM. And if Trance isn’t your cup of tea, I will still show you a cool trick with modulating the pitch via an LFO!

The trick with any Trance saw in Massive is to make it thick and have a detuned element synonymous with Trance.

First, load up three saw waves and then slightly detune a few of them to your liking. This will help make the Trance saw in Massive sound thicker.

Now go to the Voicing tab and turn on Unisono Spread PITCH CUTOFF and the PAN POSITION. Boost both sliders to your liking, be careful not to overdue the PITCH CUTOFF. These steps will help to make the sound even thicker. Make sure you also boost the voices to around 6-8. We need the higher voice count to make the PITCH CUTOFF more noticeable.

lastly, to really thicken up the sound, go to the LFO 5 tab and select NOISE for the waveform type. Use this unique shape to modulate the pitch of all three oscillators.

Check out the video to hear the Trance saw in Massive


Echo Sound Works