Learn How To Make A Techno Moog Bass in Massive

In this tutorial, learn how to create a Techno Moog bass in Massive. It’s a great vintage sounding bass that will work with a lot of genres!

We’re bringing back vintage with this weeks’s tutorial and this Techno Moog bass in Massive. You can take away a few tips and tricks from the video that you can apply to any sound you want have a touch of vintage.

The reason why Johnny uses saw and square wavetables to make this Techno Moog bass in Massive is because the original Moog only had those waveform types. Detuning in the oscillator sections will help add a bit of that analog Moog feel. It usually works best to stack 3 oscillators in Massive to get a thicker sound.

The Daft filter is the most analog sounding filter type in Massive. It’s a great starting point when you’re trying to make sounds like this Techno Moog bass in Massive.

Another really cool trick is to use both filters, one with a filter type activated and the other just left empty and turn your Filter Slider up a little to introduce some of the unfiltered sound into the mix.

Check out the video to hear the Techno Moog bass in Massive!