Every once in a while we share with all of you a video that is a little different from what you have come to expect from us in the way of tutorials and reviews. Here you can see a very different way to make use of NI Massive, and one that some popular artists have recently caught onto themselves.



[aside title="Real Funky!"] Get ready to drop a serious funk bomb with this tasty trick![/aside]
Made famous by artists like Peter Frampton and The Who, the earliest examples of the talk box being used in music performances actually date all the way back to the 1930′s. Today, YouTube user dilliot2k shows us how he has found that Massive is actually one of the most ideal soft synths on the market to use with this crazy cool device.

Making use of some cleverly programmed macros and the professionally designed wavetables offered by Massive, he is able to produce incredibly smooth and pure funky sounds. Quickly sampling many different ways of interacting with the synth through the talk box, he runs through some of his favorite parameters to tweak like vibrato, glide, tempo sync, cutoff and pitch.

As this idea catches on with other NI Massive users out there, this classic sound is bound to make many more appearances in the clubs very soon. Guys like Rusko, KOAN and DJ Fresh are already doing it, so keep an ear to the airwaves and see if you can identify it in any funky fresh tunes out there.

We would love to hear from members of the MassiveSynth.com community who have already used the talkbox with Massive. So if you’re out there, let us know!


Talkbox with Native Instruments Massive

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