One of the cornerstones of house music is the synth stab, and one of the more popular styles in recent years is most definitely the chord or layered variety.



[aside title="House Stabs!"] The simple and incredibly catchy sound of a chord synth stab is a must for all house producers![/aside]
This is a very easy to follow and understand NI Massive video tutorial for those looking to produce some quality house music. One thing you must have in your audio arsenal fort this genre of music is a good synth stab, and this one is quick to build and very simple to modify any way you like to make the sound your own. YouTube user WoodzMusic shows you how to get it all done in just a couple minutes using a minimal approach to sound design in Massive leaving plenty of parameters wide open for you to play with once you have the basic sound ready to go. A beautifully layered sound like this from a single key, allows you to add richness and depth to your music in no time.

Using three oscillators to make a classic super saw synth, he shows how to offset the pitch of each one to generate the signature chord effect this style of instrument is famous for. Then this sound is run through a lowpass filter which has its cutoff modulated by both an envelope and a macro control. Both the main amp envelope and the envelop assigned to control the lowpass filter are set up to shape the sound into the classic house stab we all know. A dimension expander is added to widen the sound a bit. And lastly, before it ends, he quickly changes it from a polyphonic mode to a monophonic to show you how to allow for gliding, if this is what you want.

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Simple House Chord Stab for NI Massive

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