Put A Modern Spin On a SID Chip Lead in Massive

In this tutorial, learn how to make a SID Chip lead in Massive and make it sound modern! It’s perfect for Hip Hop and Dubstep.

The SID Chip is a very famous computer chip that could generate sound. Think Gameboy and early gaming consoles if you aren’t familiar with the sound. Although Massive isn’t truly capable of perfectly emulating the SID Chip sound, you can get close. This SID Chip lead in Massive has elements from the old school sound, but would still work in modern productions.

You could technically use any waveform you want, but I decided to use the Square Saw I. You could also use a Pulse or Triangle wavetable if you were trying to stay true to the original SID Chip.

The most important step in creating the SID Chip lead in Massive is to activate an LFO and modulate the pitch of your oscillators. This will give the sound some analog character.

I added some Chorus and Small Reverb to help thicken up the sound a little bit.

You could also add some bit crusher either in Massive or third party if you really wanted that old school sound.

Check out the video to hear the SID Chip lead in Massive!


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