Showcase – RiMbY

RiMbY is an electronic music producer and dj from Atlanta, GA.

He holds residencies at Opera Atlanta and Whiskey Blue Atlanta.

He enjoys all types of music and hopes to one day make a living making music.

1) Tell us a bit about your music (genre, inspiration source, goals)

-I honestly love all different kinds of music, electric and acoustic, but I’ve recently focused on big-room house music. I’ve been lucky enough to hold a residency at Opera Nightclub in Atlanta and I’m trying to make the most of it by spinning original productions during my sets. It’s one of the only ways to really offer a unique experience to the crowd.

2) How do you use Massive in your productions?

-Massive is my go-to synth for most sounds. I find the interface to be very intuitive, and the amount of wavetables and modulation possibilities mean that you will never run out of sounds to explore.

3) Can you tell us about the creation of a specific sound in one of your tracks?

-The main drop bassline in my “Molly” remix is about 6 instances of Massive total. Two of them are layered to create the big foundation bass, and the other four are playing short blips and lines to create movement and interest. The foundation bass is one main synth with a high-passed top layer that is spread using the Haas effect.

4) Tell us a technique in Massive you use not many know about?

-One thing not a whole lot of people use or know about is the oscillator phase options. You can do a lot to control your sound by using those sliders. Check em out!

5) How has helped you on your production journey?

-I’ve learned most of what I know about Massive from I enjoy the mix of free + paid material. Sometimes I’m just in the mood to watch a quick tip, and other times I like to sit down and watch a full-length course. Both styles of learning have their place and provides them both in spades! I also love the fact that they’ve collected a large collection of presets in one place. Saves me the trouble of scouring the internet for new sounds!