Showcase – Deerob

Hi! I’m Deerob (24), was born in Germany.

Before I became a solo artist | “Electronica” (with a touch of everything), I was a member in a few Bands, as guitarist and drummer, from Cover-stuff > MetalCore. (Pre-act for Bands like ‘Mnemic’ [DK], ‘Emil Bulls [Ger])

Started at age 8 to play Keyboard, 10y guitar and round about 13y drums.

Since 2008 I’ve been working as Deerob.

At the moment I’m working on my first album ‘Deevolution’, with Finnish support from RomyHarmony to add some beautiful vocal parts and German support from Dennis Jungesbluth for some evil guitar-riffs!


I think I’ve a pretty wide genre-range. But I would call it something like “Trancey Electronica”.
I like to use a bit of everything.

My inspiration source?! The life and all the music and sounds you hear in it!

There’s so much nice music and sounds out there, you just can’t listen to them. I think I prefer 80′s-2012 tunes.

I started using Massive first just for ‘noise creation’, nowadays I try to make a lot of stuff with it.

The “performer mode-LFO’d White Noise stuff” (“Dubstep demo massive” Track 1) for example, it’s just weird but in a (at least for me) musical way. I also like the ‘random’ functions. When you want something crazy just tweak with these guys and go from there, helped a lot.

I think I’m mostly playing with LFOs/Perform, different ENVs / automated and the ‘randomize’ functions.

I definitely learned some delicious stuff here. All the know-how gives a nice routine with the synth-science.

Happy birthday!