The built in Scream filter within Massive is capable of some pretty extreme sounds both when tweaked and when modulated.  Because of this, it is quite simple to create a roaring effect with any bass preset.

For starters, just throw together any bass preset you’d like, any combination of waveforms and oscillators BEFORE the filters.  In this tutorial we will use the Scream waveform simply because it works very well when used in conjuction with the Scream filter.  Once you are happy with your bass before the filters, go ahead and throw in a Scream filter for Filter 1.  Turn ALL of the parameters of the filter to just a hair before the halfway point.  Next we will modulate several parameters using an LFO to create a roaring effect.

Open up the 5 LFO tab and slide the XFade Curve slider all the way to the top so that it is modulating using the Sine wave (the default waveform loaded into the LFO).  Now you will adjust the rate to slightly below the halfway point — this is more dependent on your preferences in the sound you’d like to achieve.  Now to create the roaring effect, we will map 5 LFO to the Cutoff and Scream parameters of Filter 1.  Allowing the LFO to modulate AT LEAST half of the dial (more for the cutoff parameter).  Lastly we will set 5 LFO to modulate the Wt-Position of our oscillators so that the entire sound shifts as the LFO moves.


Using the Scream Filter to Make Roaring Basses in NI Massive

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