This NI Massive video tutorial on how to create a classic, soulful Moog style lead R n’ B synth is great for both experienced users and those who are new to sound design alike.



[aside title="Soulful Synth!"] The Moog synth changed the world of music forever, and R n’ B still carries the torch![/aside]

R n’ B and Soul music have some of the most recognizable and iconic synth sounds in all of music, and the Moog is at the heart of many of these famous sounds. YouTube user MarcusJamesProducer kicks off a new series with this helpful lesson on synthesis within Native Instruments Massive synth. Showing how to move through this sound from beginning to end, he also takes the time to explain how each component works and little about why it affects the sound the way it does. Easy to follow along with and understand, it is a good walkthrough of both the program and basic sound design for Massive.

Starting off he explains the way the main oscillators operate and a little about the wavetable configuration. He chooses two Saw waves and slightly detunes each one bu two semitones in opposite directions to generate a gentle phasing effect. Then he moves on to the filter panel where he adds a Lowpass 4 filter and adjusts the cutoff. Next is the main Amp Envelope, where he begins to shape the sound.

Some basic modulation of the main oscillators with an LFO is what gives the gentle motion and character to this Moog-like synth. He then makes a quick visit to the Voicing tab, where he sets it up as a Legato Monophonic synth with additional voices, making for a much bigger and gliding sound. He also activates the Pitch Cutoff and Pan Position features to spread the sound out across the stereo field a bit and introduce a little more phasing. Some very small changes are made in the OSC tab before moving onto the FX and EQ tabs.

A Classic Tube Amp and some Synced Delay are added to generate a more aggressive and evolving lead synth sound. Taking a little bit of the edge off of the high end in the EQ settings rounds this sound design session out. And that’s the classic lead R n’ B Moog style synth sound!

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RnB Lead Moog Style Tutorial for NI Massive

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  • Alejandro

    Incredible result!
    Loved the slight detune and the stereo panning.