Quick & Easy Tutorial Series: NI Massive 8-Bit Stepper

We have shared several ways to create 8-Bit sounds from scratch here in our tutorials, and today we wanted to show you one simple way you can use some of those sounds effectively by offering a quick lesson in how to make an NI Massive 8-Bit stepper sequence.

Welcome back to another installment of the Quick & Easy Tutorial Series, where OhmLab takes one task and shows you how to get it done without any unnecessary filler. Generally speaking, this kind of approach to automation within Massive is ideal when creating sounds for video games and for adding similar elements into your modern music productions. The stepper found within Massive offers a ‘Snap to Grid’ feature which makes programming incredibly easy and it’s just as easy to then apply that stepper to modulate any parameter within this monster synth. Today we will be looking at modulating the pitch of three oscillators to create a professional 8-bit sequence in less than two minutes. Let’s get started.

First, load up a Square-Saw II wavetable into OSC1 and increase the pitch by one octave. Now load up a Square-Saw wavetable into OSC2. Lastly, load up a Square-Saw wavetable into OSC3 and raise the pitch two octaves.

Now let’s set up the Stepper. As you can see I simply went up one one notch each step until I reached the maximum level, and at this point I reduced the value of each remaining step by 1/3 of the highest value. Adjust your rate accordingly.

The next step is to assign the Stepper to modulate each one of the oscillators’ pitch. And that’s it! Hold down on any note and you have your fully programmed 8-Bit sequence. All of the details are shown in the image below. Click to enlarge.

How to Make an NI Massive 8-Bit Stepper Tutorial by OhmLab

Here is an audio sample of the NI Massive 8-Bit Stepper sequence in action. I added Bitcrusher and a Sample & Hold insert effects prior to bouncing this example. This is completely up to you if you wish to add it to your own sound.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

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