3 Pro NI Massive Tips For A Cleaner Mix

In this tutorial, Echo Sound Works will show you some tips and tricks that will help make your Massive sounds fit in the mix better.

I think most Massive users would agree that some presets sound great on their own, but once you try to use them in the context of a song, they start to sound weak and small. This tutorial is all about getting your Massive sounds fit in the mix.

First, you always need to be thinking how should a certain sound sit in a mix. What type of sound is it? Each type of sound, bass, lead, pad, pluck etc will require different tricks to get them to sit in the mix.

One of my favorite tricks is to modulate the Amp of the Noise oscillator with an envelope. It can’t be any envelope. Rather, you should try and make a custom shape that fits the context of your sound. So for a pluck preset, I would create an Envelope that has a short attack and quick decay time with little to no level. This will add noise to just the attack of the note!

Under the voicing tab, there is a feature called Pan Position. It’s a really cool tool for getting your Massive sounds fit in the mix by spreading out the sound over the stereo field. Modulating the Pan Position with an Envelope will give you a lot of control over just what part of the sound (the attack, decay sustain etc.) is being spread out.

Finally, using two envelopes to modulate the pan in the Amp section left and right can really help make your Massive sounds fit in the mix.

Check out the video to hear how these tips will make your Massive sounds fit in the mix!

Echo Sound Works

  • Jon Church

    Where can I find kicks, such as 808 s and other hard kicks. I am more into hiphop and on the Maschine studio I’m having a hard time finding them.

    • Kdawg

      They are all there. There should be about 9 different 808 and 909 Kicks. You might want to watch a few tutorials on how to use the maschine. They will all be in the library. They’re mint too

  • AlexSmith77

    This is one truly useful video! How to get those massive lead sounds out there, without burying the rest of the track, or getting buried. I’ll use all these tips and tricks. Highly recommended.

  • Birdie

    Good job!

  • Kdawg

    Thanks a lot! I love your tuts!

  • Pre.View

    Really useful tut! The trick with the white noise is one of my favorite for attack power. ^^ I didnt use the Panposition and Amp Pan trick, until now! :) great way to get those sounds sit in right, thanks a lot. Peace