Learn How To Make Oliver Helden’s Gecko Bass in Massive

Learn how to make the bass sound in Oliver Helden’s ‘Gecko’ with NI Massive. It’s a perfect sound for House enthusiasts!

Making that larger than life Deep House bass that is still chill can be tough. Oliver Helden’s Gecko bass rides that fine line perfectly. If you haven’t heard the original song check it out Oliver Helden ‘GECKO’.

First, Johnny uses all three oscillators to start making the Gecko bass in Massive. The oscillators are all variations of a square wave, which is a mainstay for Deep House basses. Most Deep House basses are monophonic and have a good amount of glide applied to them so don’t forget those steps! It’s also helpful to check the Restart Via Gate box because in a Deep House track, a lot of the time the bass is actually a lead (being the focus of the track) and by using the Restart Via Gate function you ensure that you get a consistent tone every note.

Johnny uses the Daft filter to recreate the Gecko bass in Massive because that is one of the more analog sounding filters to choose from. He uses an envelope to modulate the pitch of the attack of the sound to get more presence.

Finally, Johnny applies some third party processing to help push the Gecko bass in Massive a little further. Using a side chain compressor will help make the bass sit in the mix a little better and using a stereo spreader will help make the sound a little larger.

Check out the video to see how to make the Gecko bass in Massive!