Offbeat Melbourne Bounce Bass in Massive

In this tutorial, learn how to make an offbeat Melbourne Bounce bass in Massive. A simple yet important sound!

Melbourne Bounce is a very popular genre at the moment. It’s also a very fun genre to make, and a very important aspect to every Melbourne Bounce song is the offbeat bass. This offbeat Melbourne Bounce bass in Massive is thick, subby and will fit with a a lead nicely.

The offbeat bass in Melbourne is an accent sound that occurs on the ands, or upbeats. Think of kick hat kick hat, but replace the hat with a bass. Even though they sound simple, they can be hard to make.

This Melbourne Bounce bass in Massive fulfills all the requirements. Good sharp attack with a present decay, good release time and a nice well rounded frequency spectrum.

The envelope shape is very important for Melbourne offbeat basses. You need to have a short attack time and a good release time that fits with your song. This can vary depending on the BPM.

You also need to make sure that you have a good sub and low mid range represented in the sound. Johnny blended some nice digital waveforms to make the Melbourne Bounce bass in Massive sound full.

Check out the video to hear the Melbourne Bounce bass in Massive!