How to Make a Noisia Style Reese Bass in NI Massive

We have had a lot of requests lately for some Reese bass tutorials for NI Massive, and this one of a good look at how to create a Nosia style Reese for your projects!

One of the things that has allowed the Nosia project to gain so much popularity and respect across such a large range of fans and DJs around the world is their incredible sound design abilities. These guys, Nik Roos, Martijn van Sonderen and Thijs de Vlieger have such an amazing ear for sound and style that countless people are trying their best to recreate sounds that they have made popular, as well as invent new sounds in the spirit of the ‘Noisia sound’. YouTube user protohypemusic has done a pretty good job with this sound, and add a very nice bit of polish to it by introducing it to a sweet plugin many of you out there probably already use, called Camel Phat. It gives it that added Awesome, that you just can’t quite ever seem to get on your own.

This particular Reese bass starts with a single oscillator running in Bend -/+ mode, with some phasing introduced through the Modulation OSC. This sound is then sent through a DoubleNotch filter, who’s cutoff parameter is being modulated by an LFO controller. This same LFO is used to also modulate the wavetable position of the main oscillator to provide consistent movement and development of sound over time. A classic tube amp is added for more drive and slight distortion, while a chorus effect is used to increase the overall phase and movement of the bass, resulting a wider stereo effect.

The voicing of this instrument is set up as a Monorotate synth with a Legato Triller trigger. And a slight increase to the Glide rate on the OSC tab gives it the smooth Reese style portamento effect people expect to hear when changing notes. And lastly, it is at this point where compression, EQing and extra plugins come into play to really shape and polish the sound to your liking. Since he is using Ableton Live as his DAW in this NI Massive video tutorial, he shows how to set up the OTT plugin to achieve the sound he likes. This is also where he shows his settings for Camel Phat, if you happen to use it.

If you have a tutorial you would like to share with the rest of the MassiveSynth community, send us a message letting us know. We would love to hear from you and help you reach more people!


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