NI Massive Sound Design Tips

This is a nice video tutorial full if great insights, best practices and workflow tips for NI Massive sound design sessions intended to help you elevate your skills!

We welcome back K0SM0KAT back as she shares some of her tips on NI Massive sound design and how you can achieve better and more accurate results when creating instruments and sounds in this powerhouse synth. She always delivers great tutorials and has her finger on the pulse of current sound design trends, especially when it comes to Massive. In this lesson a wide range of common sound types are covered, ranging from plucks and stabs to pads, supersaws and leads. There is a ton of good stuff to take note of in this video, so take your time going through it and watch it in full screen mode to get the most out of it. Of course, if you have questions about anything covered in this tutorial, you can browse threads or start your own in our synth tutorial forums!

The first sound she covers is the pluck, or stab, from initial design to processing with effects. This is a very easy NI Massive sound design task, as it really only involves setting up the main Amp Envelope to shape the delivery and development of the sound. The signature pluck sound has a very short attack and decay. The Supersaw is the next style of sound tackled in this lesson. Basically layering two or more sawtooth wavetables with varying pitch values creates a very wide and powerful synth. This sound is a popular choice across too many music genres to name here!

When it comes to creating your own pads and leads, the conversations about how you can approach your NI Massive sound design sessions could literally last months. When pads are touched on in this tutorial some basic tips are shared that will help you dial in the commonly expected characteristics, like longer attack and release values. The same can be said about the section of creating lead synths, sharing how to get the quick attack and powerful presence needed to lead the charge in a mix. Of course, you can go in a million different directions with both of these types of sounds when you begin to apply these tips in your own NI Massive sound design sessions!


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