Dig in Deep with Massive’s Internal Macros

Our good friend Johnny is back to show us everything you need to know about one of Massive’s more complicated features, the internal macros.

Massive is a very deep synth. It feels like there is always a way to go deeper and deeper. Right when you feel like you have a handle on everything it is capable of, some other feature pops up that opens you up to new possibilities. This month, Johnny shows us how to get creative with the internal macros in Massive. Namely velocity, keytracking & trigger random modulators. You know, those little yellow looking crosshairs by the other macro controls that you rarely touch because, well, they are confusing.

Johnny shows you how to add life to a sequence in Massive using the internal macros to effect certain parts of the sound using keytracking and velocity to modulate destinations within Massive. This video should be more than enough to give you a basic understanding of what the macros do and how you can use them to modulate within Massive.

Unfortunately not everything in sound design can be simple and easy to learn, but the deeper you dig, the more you will get out of Massive. Stay tuned for the next part in this series.


Echo Sound Works

  • Brett Corden

    Fascinating. Cheers Johnny.

  • Marcos Torres

    I’m having a problem where my macros aren’t “learning” properly and being affected differently with each preset (i.e. cc21 is macro 3 on one preset then it becomes macro 7 on another preset and even if the cc# is set to n/a) idk if it’s my controller or live9 that’s causing it cause i’ve never had this problem before with massive…

    • Jonny Strinati

      is it only Massive you’re having trouble with? Maybe try deselecting your hardware controller in your DAW preferences and then reselecting it. If Massive is the only synth you’re having trouble with, try reinstalling it.