Learning to use Massive is one thing – but learning to use it properly with your favorite DAW is a whole other challenge! This video covers setting up and using NI Massive with FL Studio.

[aside title="NI Massive & FL Studio"] Get the most from using FL Studio & Massive! [/aside]
Each DAW has it’s own nuances as well as unique features and tools when it comes to sound design, processing and efficiency.

These 30 minute videos are aimed at beginners but I think all users will benefit from recapping how to set up Massive properly within the DAW environment and also the little tips and tricks you can use to get the most from your NI Massive and Ableton, Cubase or FL Studio.

First up I’m covering Ableton, Cubase and FL studio… if there’s enough demand i can create for other DAW’s. If you have a request for any other DAW’s please leave a comment stating your DAW and I Will make a call from there.

Using NI Massive With FL Studio

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