NI Massive 1.3 – how to convert .ksd to .nmsv

NI recently released NI Massive v1.3, which introduces a new file format for Massive sounds, the .nmsv format – people have been asking how to convert the old .ksd file format to the new .nmsv format. Here is the answer…

Actually it’s very simple – if you have hundreds of sounds you can batch convert the sounds.

Simply click ‘file’ and then ‘ksd batch convert

IT will also keep all your .ksd files for you.

Remember though, you won’t be able to make .ksd files again – so sound designers and those who sell patch think twice before upgrading to NI Massive 1.3

What are your thoughts on the new format and upgrade – enjoying it ? Leave a comment!

Other changes with 1.3 Massive

Version 1.3:

What’s new:
- New preset browser with 4 columns: Bankname, Type, Subtype, Mode
- Changed preset file format – files are now called .nmsv
- Batch file conversion from .ksd to .nmsv added to File menu
- Import option for single .ksd files added to File menu
- File open/save only works with .nmsv files files from now
- Plugin states will be recalled in host, but saved in new format
=> reopening projects saved with Massive 1.3 will require 1.3 or higher
- Default location of User presets moved to
/Native Instruments/Massive/Sounds
- The following products are now part of the Massive factory content:
* Massive Expansion Vol.1
* Massive Expansion Vol.2
* Urban Arsenal 1
* Urban Arsenal 2
* Massive Threat

  • Kade

    When i convert it it still does not open on abelton how do I fix this.

  • ilyn

    I have a paid version of massive but I’ve never gotten any updates for it?

    • SteveF

      You have to do it manually – in the service center application.

  • Jord

    The kid converter doesn’t come up

  • Jord


  • Mark

    Same thing for my friend, his is completely up to date, but the ksd option isnt in his file drop down menu, where as for me, It is

  • Chris

    Here is how to run the batch converter to convert your old Massive patches to work on v1.3:

    open Massive in Standalone mode

    go to File menu – the one on the Finder menu bar – not the File menu in the plugin window itself

    select – batch import option and navigate to your presets folder


  • Abhijith

    I try converting but no matter what .ksd file I choose, It say’s “Conversion failed”. Help :(

  • asdf

    Yea same for me, there is no convert batch in the drop down menu.. Please help..

  • Pow

    my convert option is not in stand alone mode but in vst mode