Melodic Arps With NI Massive

Arps are a staple of electronic music – here’s how to make your own in Massive!

Whilst Massive doesn’t have a true Arpeggiator, it has a set of tools that if used correctly are perhaps more powerful.

This video is by our new friend and NI Massive expert Jonny Strinati.

In his last Massive Synth members tutorial Jonny walked us through using the Stepper to control LFO rates.

In this tutorial he shows us how to use the Stepper to create melodic arps!

The great thing about this tutorial is that what you will learn is a powerful tool for creating many different types of sounds.

It’s not just for leads – i use this technique to program some very nice basslines.

You can hear this effect in action on an older track of mine – Listen out for the 303 around 3 mins.

Another trick is to try using it with white noise (tip – assign it to the color!) – try it and see what happens :)

Jonny is currently working on a mini series for subscribers of on getting a more analogue sound for both House and Techno tracks. More info soon…

If there is any ideas you have for short 3 or 4 video series post in the comments!

Until then – Enjoy the Arps!