Make A Snappy Melbourne Bounce Lead in Massive

Johnny shows you how to make a Melbourne Bounce lead in Massive. He will also show you some nice processing tips!

Last week, Johnny showed you how to make an offbeat Melbourne bass. To compliment that sound, this week learn how to make a nice Melbourne Bounce lead in Massive.

Most Melbourne Bounce leads are fairly digital sounding as they need to be able to cut through the mix and make the drop sound quite large. A lot of them have a “Talk” element to them.

This Melbourne lead in Massive uses a combination of 1 Deep Throat wavetable and one Modern Talk wave. It is very important to use the Blend mode for the type in the Oscillator. This option will make the sound more crisp, and well, Melbourne sounding.

Johnny uses some nice effects to round out the sound. Using a stereo spreader will make the lead more present in the stereo field and ultimately help fill out the drop. Also, distortion or saturation will be your best friend for Melbourne styled leads.

Check out the demo to hear the Melbourne Bounce lead in Massive