Create a Massive EDM Riser in Just Minutes

In this tutorial, learn how to create a Massive EDM riser that will work with a lot of different genres of EDM.

Almost every producer uses samples at some point. Some of the most popular samples are FX one shots like risers and sweeps. I tend to find that hunting through folders of sounds kills my creative flow. I would rather make a sound in a synth. Enter this Massive EDM riser.

With FX sounds in Massive, you can get as creative as you’d like, but a lot of time you won’t need more than one oscillator to get a usable result.

There are a few really important steps in creating this Massive EDM riser.

First, you need to convert an LFO to a Performer and pull the X Fade sequence DOWN to the bottom. This is really important. You then need to activate that Performer by modulating some parameter in Massive. The pitch slot in the Oscillator(s) section is a great place to start for Massive EDM risers.

To make this Massive EDM riser more expressive and unique, you can modulate a modulator. If that sentence makes no sense, check out this series we did a while back on how to MODULATE A MODULATOR

Johnny uses the LFO 6 to create and upwards moving Stepper. Make sure you activate those little square boxes under the step grid to create a smoother transition between tones.

Then to modulate a modulator, go back to your LFO 5 Performer and modulate the rate. The speed will get faster as it moves along the steps of the stepper.

Check out the video to hear some other tips and tricks for the Massive EDM riser!



  • Taura Brooks

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  • Kevin Cox

    i’ll probably work thru this tutorial 2 or three times, auditioning the output as i go. these are the intricacies I find extremely exciting. Armed with the knowledge gained in these tutorials, I’ll be on my way to designing great sounds of my own. thnk-u thnk-u KC