Massive crashes Ableton, Logic & Cubase fix

If Native Instruments Massive crashes Ableton, Logic or Cubase whenever you try to launch it or open an old file – don’t worry!

All you have to do is simply rebuild the database file.

To do so simple delete the database file.
You can find it here:

Users>You>Library>Application Support>Native instruments>Massive

C:Documents and SettingsAdministratorLocal SettingsApplication DataNative InstrumentsMassive

The file is called ‘NIMassiveDataBase’

Once it’s deleted – try opening Massive again!
The file you deleted will rebuilt itself.

Problem fixed!

Note that it is the cracked copy that crashes like this. Buy the legit version and this will never happen again

  • ktg

    i think that the best solution is get komplete!

  • De-Bora

    very very thank you…
    All the comments in other Blogs dosen´t work…
    But you solve that problem…
    Greetz from Germany

  • Jamie

    Yay thank you! Was hurting without my Massive. :)

  • Bora

    Why is it that I cannot see any file named "NIMASSIVE DATABASE" in that directory? I see something called tables.dat but if i delete it i must reinstall. V1.1.4 in use. Mac OSX

  • breakitdown

    Bora – mac or PC ?

  • nympie

    Bora, You should look in /Users/*youruserid*/Libary/Application/Native instruments/Massive, the tables.dat file is located in /Library/Application Support/Native Instruments/Massive, so the wrong directory.

  • breakitdown

    Thanks Nympie

  • misterT

    cant find this file, dont have a library folder there, searched for it too.
    massive keeps crashing.. any ideas?
    unig pc windows xp and cubase 5

  • hectorcv

    In my case it crashes after load your patches, i can do it, but once i'm choosing one of your presets crashes.

    Massive version 1.0.1 (mac)


  • nick

    Hi, im running windows 7 and i dont think i have a documents and settings folder of any sort any ideas? i tired searching for the file and it came up with nothing :(

    • Axim

      With Win7 it’s C:Users[your user here]AppDataLocalNative InstrumentsMassive

    • jonas

      Windows 7 don’t use Documents and Settings, go to the Users folder instead. You might need to show hidden files – when in the Explorer window, press left Alt (a menu will appear), go to Tools / Folder Options / View – Show hidden files and folders.

      • clark wilson

        i’ve dont what you said about the hidden folders but nothing seems to have changed.where am i going wrong?i deleted it and it rebuilt but doesnt seem to work.just keeps crashing!!

  • xanimeoz

    Hi guys, im using MASSIVE 1.1.4 for windows XP and it will open in standalone and in cubase but soon as i try and load a sound/sample it crashes(and closes cubase). now normally i would just delete the Database file. BUT its not there. it seems in MASSIVE 1.1.4 the Datebase file is put somewhere else. oo i can also run massive 1.1.3 fine, but i need MASSIVE 1.1.4 as it has add ons which i need for my tunes.

    • andraz

      go to users/pcuser/appdata/local/native instruments/massive

      there ull find the database


  • breakitdown


    Just a note – but Massive is on version 1.1.5 now!

  • zooli

    Thanks ! massive 1.1.5 is now working with deleting 'NIMassiveDataBase’ file !!!

    Just purchase "waveforms vol.1" amazing sounds !

  • bri

    thanks a lot :)

  • sam

    i have the same problem as nick, i dont have a documents and settings folder. wtf?

  • sam

    ok guys i have figured out what to do if you own ista or windows 7 and cannot view the documents and settings folder:

    1. open my computer and press alt
    2. go to 'tools' – 'folder options'
    3. go to the view tab and selct 'show hidden files, folders and drives'

    after this on my windows 7 computer i was able to go c: users. – "usernamefolder" – app data – local – native instruments

    and boom there is the database file in there. havent tried this on my vista pc yet but i assume it is no different from windows 7. if i have trouble with vista ill post back, if not its good to go so enjoy!

    • shezmaster

      Thanks Man! That was my problem and your solution worked like a charm .]

      • Jason

        Holy crap thanks lol

    • sea2sky

      Wow, Thank you so much, you saved me a lot of time and head ache

    • Curt

      This worked for me to ty, but another simple way is to go to my computer and type in nimassivedatabase in the search at the top right corner and the computer will pull it up for you.

  • sam

    ok im just coming back to let you guys know that this works perfectly on both my windows 7 and windows vista computers, thanks for this solution guys my massive hasnt crashed yet (it usualy does every few hours, and once it does initialy, every time i open ableton it just crashes and crashes and crashes) so thanks to the people who found this solution!

  • Sam

    well after a few days my massive is crashing again, my data execution prevention keeps turning off ableton like before, i keep deleting the database file but it just keeps happening everytime i apply a lfo or env to any filter or osc, bam, it crashes. anyone know how to turn off dep for good i dont want it on there? i apply turn off dep for programs i select and it still happens. sigh :(

  • thankyou

    just wanted to say i had my doubts about this….i thought i was gonna lose the song i made… but this actually did fix my crashing/click pop problem with massive and ableton. thank you !

  • nickyt

    I just want to say how much I fucking love you all. I was ready to smash it all and join a factory assembly line. No joke. Thanks for saving my sanity. My wife thanks you too!



  • Bass Ultra

    Thanks so much, I'd much rather just delete this file every so often than have to reinstall Massive.

  • Corey

    I am on windows XP with Massive 1.1.4. I have tried deleting the file but still nothing. Im even trying to delete the tracks with massive and ableton wont even let me delete them. I recorded my wobble to an audio file for resampling so i dont need it for wobble but im using massive for my sub bass and this is really frustrating me any clue why it wouldnt work? Note: there is a file in the same directory called ‘NIMassiveDataBase_ul’ should i delete that too?

    • jonas

      Yes, try deleting that one too, it worked for me. (Or you can just rename the files.)

  • anonymous

    Thanks sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much, I was so worried, i have been looking in thousands of forums to solve this problem, but finally I found the solution
    Again, thanks SO MUCH

  • Jussi

    Thank you so much for the tip… Once finished a few megahitsongs, will purchase the soft…

  • Jussi

    I mean, a BIG thanks!

  • Little Tom


  • w00k

    ive been using massive for months, and it just started crashing ableton. The file you are saying to delete is no where on my computer, not in any hidden folders or anywhere. Help.

    • breakitdown

      W00k, you on mac or pc?

  • ale

    Ironically the bad crack causing massive to crash puts me off buying massive, the service centre for registering the app does too. I don't like dealing with serials and protection it's just there to stop piracy but it isn't working so they should make it dead simple, like FL Studio with a simple reg file you download and all your vsts etc

  • Dave

    For mac, grab down the latest 1.2.1 which fixes a LOT of instabilities!

  • Joaco Leon

    I was really inspired working on some dusty proyects and then it started crashing, after a few hours i realized it was because of massive.

    Im planning on buying Massive, im saving money, 200 usd are like 800 ar and thats way too much for a software. First some descent monitors, then Massive :D

    Thanks a lot.

  • Tek Support

    Happened on a perfectly clean system with only Ableton 8.2 and Komplete 6 installed. The solution fixed the crash. WIn 7 64

  • Kamikasse

    Thank you! It solved the problem. Damn it's so annoying when ableton live crashes at the very beginning and also gets people worried about their projects ;)

  • KR8R

    Wow, i really appreciate this! works fine now!



  • nick

    The VISTA and windows 7 fix posted by sam does indeed work for vista.
    Only a small caveat in that you need to delete both NIMassiveDataBase and
    NIMassiveDataBase_ul (or something like that)

    Many thanks guys. Bring on the BASS!!!!!!!!

  • Chris


  • Alphabet Pony

    wow actually works! thank you so sososososo much!

  • blutsuufd

    I've done that a couple of times, but my massive's still blocking after a couple of minutes.
    How can I fix it? My computer always says:'FL engine has stopped working'. But I know that the problem is massive.

  • Dr X

    Cheers man ^^

  • payam tavakoli

    Really Really appreciated man , Thanks for this awesome TIp , / BIG RESPECT TO YOU

    Maybe You Like my stuff : cheers

    Payam Tavakoli

  • massive tune

    Love Youre Help and solution :D It Wolrks !!:D Thank YOU ALL :D

  • manifolds

    fuuuuuuuu thanks so much

  • rossco

    thanks heaps mate:)

  • dj f8

    Mate seriously i cant thank you enough ive got a big project on the go and thought it was all lost but thanks to you im flying again and massive is smashing it lol thx m8 true hero lol

  • gaz

    for all those who cant find it on vista go to: OS(C:)Users*USER*AppData(You will need hidden files and folders to be selected in folder options for this to be seen)LocalNative InstrumentsMassive

    you will find the file "NIMassiveDatabase"

    delete it and restart massive or the program you're using eg Ableton/FLStudio

  • sweepy

    i deleted the file and ableton still crashes when i try and open my project :((

  • James

    So my database_ul file just keeps getting created each time i load an instance and from what the group here has said it seems like thats the problem :/ Does anyone know of a way to keep this from happening?

    • Steve

      What version you running James?

  • aaron

    Deleted the file & it crashed again after I try to load any preset!

  • sci-fi mafia johnny

    same here .. the file just keeps appearing everytime
    I load Massive ;(

  • anonymous

    YYYEESSS!!! thank you so much!!

  • Kevin

    can't find the directory, there is no library folder after Users>You>???

  • wobb

    thanks a lot this one helsp for me !! :)

  • 2nzy

    version 1.1.4 & 1.1.5 not working in XP
    keeps crashing Cubase :(
    how do I fix this?
    I deleted the userbase but that does nothing :(

  • mob

    I broke down synth, started to squeak .. really helped remove the nerves from damage .. now thank you very much friend

  • iDubstep

    So I searched for that file and I figured out I don't even have it plz help me

  • rubdub

    100000000000 thnx great fix

  • FYI

    You can always do an search using F3 and search all of your hard disk for the NIMassiveDatabse and just delete it that way.

  • mischkunst

    woaaaaaaaaah! fuck, thank you so much :)))))))

  • DAvid

    SO when I try tot find it it only shows a installation file, and my hidden files are set to show.

  • Kevin

    this file don't exist on my hard drive. massive crashes anyway! what can i do?

  • Happy

    Amaaaazing! THANK YOU!

  • mike

    keep crashing when tryin to switch noises, uninstalled, reinstalled, deleted file, dont have it, deleted data base of massive, still it continues to crash, really have no other ideas, have tryed everything, anyone got anything ?

  • albinofro

    oh shiitttttttttt this is a massive solution many many many thanks

  • HOlic

    many thanks

  • gareth

    unfortunately doesnt work
    my Massive database does not rebuild
    I bought an official Massive but NI wont activate it either :( pissed off big time

  • Ryan

    Hey guys , For all you MAC users, I'm not exactly sure about snow leopard, but i know for a fact if you have osx lion, the users library is hidden, to unhide it, go to finder, go to the top tabs and click the go tab, then hold the option/alt key on your keyboard and it should appear among the other options, then just carry out with the instructions above!

    • Wellpunisher

      Ryan, thank you so much brother!!! this way on Mac osx Lion WORKSSSSSSSSSS and problema really fixed!!!

    • Christian Champagne

      really having on an older mac 10.5.8. I have tried all of these tips but ableton still crashes. I have even re-installed it. Still didn’t fix this. How hidden could these files be that are no needing to be removed.Lost over here. Any help is greatly appreciated!! Thank you.

  • E-Justice

    Someone offers you guys free support to fix a problem (which is known AND HAS BEEN ANSWERED for years) that only happens to internet criminals and now you even ask him for further support because you’re too dumb to find a fucking folder.
    You guys aren’t even hilarious anymore, you’re disgusting.

  • Goodfella

    Man, I cannot thank you enough for this. This problem has been bothering me for years.. Been using massive a lot during years of production, but, at some point, this bug ALWAYS happened one way or another. Just tried your method and it works like a charm. Thank you for making me able to finish the last track i’m working on !!!! BIGUP

  • Mike

    @ Ryan

    you’re a fucking champ mate been searching for hours for a fix and nothing seemed to point to OSX Lion. thanks a million!

  • That Guy

    i use massive on windows and it crashes sometimes but i can’t find the thing u explained :s

  • Nikfox

    Hey guys, thank you all for useful comments! i found my solution by looking for the flle in AppData Local NativeInstrument Massive ! Very very good job averyone !

  • darkYuris

    thank you very much. already thought that i lost my cute little session.

  • DEEZ

    i deleted the NImassive database but the Massive still keep crashing though…and eveytime i try to recall my project in FL studio 9 the massive still is “no preset loaded”
    Win 7 64bit anybody got a solution yet?

  • bismal

    you’re a legend – worked a treat

  • James Sainz

    Hi!!! well my problem is bigger, i’ve got a Mac with a Lion OSX and i do not have this folder where the ‘NIDataBase’ thing is located, I can find it on a Mac with an OS like Leopard or Snow Leopard, but i can not find it on lion… any ideas???
    Thank you!!!

  • Matt

    For all that have Mac OSX and have deleted the database file but sill have the issue…try just opening up “Massive” from the application menu (rather than just opening up from abelton or logic). I looked for the massive icon, double clicked, let it load,exited, then went back into Logic and it worked.

    • James Sainz

      Ok thAt sounds great, but the problem is that I do not find the “database file”, because on my OSX i dont have the “library” option from my User menu.

      • Rascal

        For you guys having trouble finding such file, try on your terminal (mac): defaults write AppleShowAllFiles TRUE
        then type
        killall Finder
        This shows hidden files.
        After locating and deleting the file, type again on your terminal:
        defaults write AppleShowAllFiles FALSE
        then type
        killall Finder

        Works on 10.8.2.

        • Christian Champagne

          Hey! Huge problem guys..bugger! i went and installed NI Massive. Big mistake. I actually tried the fixes below..using terminal by it finds nothing. I actually even re-installed Albeton, but still the same prob. Search turns up nothing for NIMassive files. Desperate!! Anyone help me please. I thought re-installing ableton Suite would have helped but no. I actually have completely deleted all and any files relating to Native instruments. That didn’t help either.

  • blubbrz

    deleted the database folder on the mac and it still crashes with ableton

  • http://Www.myspace.comdjnamelessmix Nate

    Thank you do much! I had this problem awhile back and it self corrected when I resaved. The directions were really straight forward. I wij there was easy fix like this for all our problems.

  • Steven

    WOW!!!!! Had this installed years ago and haven’t opened it because I thought it was dead forever…..thank you so much!

    • spacekadet

      Wowow it took me for ever to figure this out on a mac i knew how to fix on windows but on mac u have to show hidden files to see the database file took me hours to figure if anyone need furthur help email me

  • Karl

    At first didnt work for me, deleted both database files, opened massive and it said database file had been deleted and a new one would have to be created. then i opened cubase and it was still crashing!

    So i deleted the file again but this time i went into massive and went file, options, browser, rebuild DB. Now it works good.

    Thanks for the fix!

    • Karl

      Well, it worked for about half an hour anyway…
      playing up again.
      any new ideas?

      • OhmLab

        Make sure you remember to rebuild the library database within NI Massive?

  • Rascal

    For you guys having trouble finding such file, try on your terminal (mac): defaults write AppleShowAllFiles TRUE
    then type
    killall Finder
    This shows hidden files.
    After locating and deleting the file, type again on your terminal:
    defaults write AppleShowAllFiles FALSE
    then type
    killall Finder

    Hope it works.

  • EJ

    If you use Windows 7 or Windows Vista it is located in this path: C > Users > (Your Username) > AppData > Local >Native Instruments > Massive

    • Anand Padmanaban

      am using windows 7 and i could not find that path. please help me on the same

  • Christian Champagne

    Huge problem guys..bugger! i went and installed NI Massive. Big mistake. I actually tried the fixes below..using terminal by it finds nothing. I actually even re-installed Albeton, but still the same prob. Search turns up nothing for NIMassive files. Desperate!! Anyone help me please. I thought re-installing ableton Suite would have helped but no. I actually have completely deleted all and any files relating to Native instruments. That didn’t help either.

  • Christian Champagne


  • Sayeeda Alam

    Hi, ok so I have tried to locate the file to delete it, but even when using the hidden file tool… It is nowhere to be found!! Any help from here would be a miracle !!

  • tommy0425

    Thanks a lot :)

  • ramesh

    my fl studio has stopped working when i install the massive plugin give me the solution to start it

  • seanscholte15

    cant get into this map no permission

  • Pleeco

    It doesn’t matter if you delete it because it will eventually crash Ableton over and over again. I have delete the database every time just before I launch Ableton or there is a chance it will crash. I think is’t pretty fucking lame that this has been going for over 10 fucking years and Native Instruments nor Ableton ever came up with a fix!!

    • SteveF

      Which version of Massive and Ableton have you?