Making a Delta Heavy “Hold Me” Bass in NI Massive

This quick NI Massive video tutorial shows you how to replicate the popular bass synth heard int he song Hold Me by Delta Heavy.

It only takes a couple of minutes to make and is a sound that can easily be tweaked in a number of different ways to fit into a broad range of music styles. Making use of NI Massive controllers to automate the delivery of the sound makes it simple to use as a rhythmic synth element without having to worry about meticulous programming. And the fact that there is only one oscillator used to make it, this instrument can incorporate a sub bass element very easily for a heavier, hard hitting bass synth.

This session starts with a Deep Throat wavetable loaded into OSC1 with the pitch dropped a few octaves. This sound is then routed through a Daft filter. A Performer is set up to modulated the Wt-position of OSC1, as well as the Amp parameter of a second Performer. This second Performer is assigned to modulate the Cutoff parameter of the Daft filter. This gives us the core sound and rhythm of the instrument.

Next a Bitcrusher is loaded in Insert 1 to rough the sound up a bit. Then, after routing Insert 2 to the end of the audio chain, a Hardclipper is added. After this the EQ is turned on and the sound is shaped to accentuate the highs and mids. A Reverb effect is added to give the sound more space to develop in and some Chorus is used to introduce more movement and modulation. The last step is to visit the Voicing tab and set this synth up to run in Monophonic mode.

If you have a request for a specific sound you would like to recreate, let us know by sending us a message today. We’ll do our best to help you out. Thanks for stopping by!