Making a Liquid NI Massive Electro Bass Synth

There are plenty of variations of the modern Electro and Dubstep bass, but I feel the liquid bass is a little underrepresented. This lesson shares how to make a nice liquid NI Massive electro bass synth!

This type of bass can also easily be used in various Drum n’ Bass and Glitch-Hop music genres as well. And you can get a lot out of a synth like this one, ranging from short stabs that just give a taste of what it is capable of to longer sustained notes that fully reveal the full sound. This NI Massive electro bass is one that everyone should probably have in their preset arsenal, as it can also be customized quite easily to fit into just about any modern music styles around today. It’s a simple one to make and this video tutorial does a good job of explaining why each step is taken throughout the process. Let’s see how it’s made!

This NI Massive electro bass starts off with a Sine-Square wavetable loaded into OSC1 with the pitch dropped two octaves. Then a Square-Saw I wavetable is loaded into OSC2 with the pitch dropped two octaves. And a Sinarmonic wavetable is loaded into OSC3 with the pitch dropped two octaves. This core sound is then sent through a Bandpass filter which has been loaded into the Filter1 panel. A Performer is set up and assigned to modulate the Cutoff and Resonance of the filter.

Now some Reverb is added via the FX1, which provides a lot more room for our NI Massive electro bass to move around in. A Dimension Expander adds more depth to the sound. And the EQ unit is turned on and used to accentuate the lows and highs a bit. The Modulation OSC panel, with a pitch value of 12.00, is used to introduce some Ring Modulation to OSC3 and some Phasing to OSC2, which adds a lot of character to this synth. Lastly, a Sine Shaper insert effect is used to add a touch of distortion to the tail end of the sound, with the Dry/Wet parameter being modulated by the same Performer that was set up earlier.


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