Make Bigger and Better Wobbles with FX Part 2

In part two of this three part series, learn how to make your wobbles even bigger by using outside processing and effects.

In last week’s tutorial we learned how to create a more interesting, bigger wobble in Massive. This week I’m showing you how to use some common FX plugins that will make your wobble much bigger.

In todays day and age when we all have access to what seems like countless FX plugins in our DAWS, not to mention third party choices, I get lost sometimes when deciding what FX to use on a certain sound. To help me stay creative and not get stuck in the technical side of things too much, I use a few checklist bullet points.

In this tutorial, I also go over how use what I call the “mix FX” which help make your sound like this wobble sit in the mix and stand out how it needs to. These are things like EQ, compression and AUX sends.

Stay tuned for next week’s final addition to this series where I will discuss layering and simple techniques that will help your wobbles, and any sound for that matter, explode out of the mix.