Make a Huge Swedish House Lead in Massive

In this tutorial, learn how to create a huge Swedish House lead in Massive that is perfect for your house and progressive drops!

Love them or hate them, Swedish House leads will generally translate to multiple genres of EDM. There are a few really usable tips and tricks in creating this Swedish House lead in Massive that you can apply to a lot of different sounds.

First, try stacking an interesting waveform, like the Poly Saw I for instance, to a standard wavetable (sine, saw etc.) to add more depth to your sound. You might have to play with the tuning a little to make the combo more musical.

Don’t neglect the power of the Voicing tab. To get a really wide Swedish House lead in Massive, activate the pan position and take the slider well above the ‘Mono’ point to create some interesting unison spread.

Third, using an envelope with a long attack time to modulate your reverb can actually create a sort of pre delay. This is really useful for two reasons. First, Massive’s reverb does not give you a control for pre delay and second, it adds separation in your sound. This can be the difference from having a focused sounding lead or a muddy one.

Check out the tutorial to hear the Swedish House lead in Massive!


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  • Steven Sebastian Davis

    Great Tutorial!

  • Birdie

    Very sweet indeed!