Make A Thick Progressive Synth In Massive

Echo Sound Works shows you how to make a Massive Progressive Trance Lead. It’s a quick and simple sound to make!

I’m a sucker for Trance and Progressive Trance. This Massive Progressive Trance lead will work with both genres as well as a few other ones. My favorite part about the sound is how thick it sounds without using any effects or processing. The effects become the icing on the cake.

The Massive Progressive Trance lead is a stack of 3 PWM wavetables with a couple of the Oscillators being detuned a little bit to create that Super Saw sound.

I used two Low Pass 4 Filters and set the filter balance to Serial. This will help make the sound richer and thicker. I used Envelope 1 to modulate the Cut Off of Filter 2. This helps make the Massive Progressive Trance lead open up a bit which would help make it sit into a mix better.

I’ve found that you can get a really cool reverb type effect by playing with the decay and release time of the envelopes. It almost creates a convolution sounding reverb and combining that with the actual reverb in Massive, you can get a really three dimensional sound!

Check out the video to hear the Massive Progressive Trance Lead

Echo Sound Works

  • Birdie

    Thank you! Lots to handle in this one yet the sound comes out smoothly.