NI Massive Pad Design With An Arpeggiated Vibe For Techno

In this tutorial, Johnny will show you how to create a really useful Massive techno pad in just minutes!

Making a pad for Techno can tough. There’s a fine line between a pad being too digital and too warm. The Massive Techno pad in this tutorial has qualities of each and will sit in your mix fairly easily.

The Massive Techno pad in this tutorial just uses two oscillators. Oscillator One has a Melancholia wavetable activated. This will be what creates the digital feel. Oscillator two has a Square Saw I waveform. Blending a classic subtractive feeling wavetable with the very digital Melancholia will help your sound feel both digital and warm.

Johnny uses the Stepper to introduce some movement to the Massive Techno pad. If you don’t play a lot of keyboard pay attention to that part of the tutorial because you can use Massive’s Stepper to create chords and melodies!

Don’t forget that the Stepper in Massive has a “Snap To Grid” function that makes editing the pitch values of the Stepper much easier.

To add even more movement to the Massive Techno pad, Johnny uses an LFO and modulates the Cut Off frequency of Filter 1. By using the internal Velocity macro on the side chain input of the Cut Off of Filter 1, you will add an element of playability to your sound. The harder you play a note, the more LFO effect you will hear!

Check out the video to hear the Massive Techno pad in action!