How to Make the Mord Fustang “Lick The Rainbow” Pluck Synth in NI Massive

This one is going to be pretty popular! The video shows you how to recreate the Mord Fustang Lick the Rainbow pluck synth in NI Massive in just a couple short minutes.

This lesson moves at a very quick pace, and assumes that you have some working knowledge of the layout and features of Massive. So you may need to use the pause button at various points to keep up while following along. And not only is this a great sound, it is an easy one to customize to your own needs. Try swapping out different wavetables to turn this into your own pluck synth in NI Massive, for an easy alternative.

A Square-Saw II wavetable is loaded into OSC1, OSC2 and OSC3 to begin this session. The pitch of OSC2 and OSC3 is increased to 12.00. OSC3 is set to run in Formant mode and the Wt-position is set just past the half way point, and the Amp parameter is turned about half way down.

Some phasing is introduced to OSC3 via the Modulation OSC panel, which has a pitch value of 12.00 and a Phase setting of about 1/3 or so. A Hardclipper and Bitcrusher insert effects are then added to add some roughness and edge to the synth. The sound is then run through an Acid filter loaded into the Filter1 panel. An envelope is set up to modulate the Cutoff knob of the Acid filter.

A standard Reverb is added to the FX1 tab to provide the sound with more space to move around in. A Synced Delay is added to the FX2 tab to give the sound more depth and movement. The EQ is used to better shape the sound by accentuating the highs and attenuating the lows. And lastly, the main Amp Envelope is set up with a short attack to finish shaping the pluck sound.

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  • Name

    Why didn’t you give us a preview of what is sounds like?

  • Titu

    Thanks a lot for sharing this great work!

  • Karrma

    He did give a preview of what it sounds like. The song in the intro is the 3 sounds he show’s how to make in this series. On the second measure of the song in the intro he solo’s out the sound that he will be showing how to make.