How to Make a Pulsating NI Massive Electro Synth

As electro house music continues to gain attention and popularity, the need for new and original sounds is becoming increasingly important. This tutorial will show you how to make a sweet pulsating NI Massive electro synth!

It may be true that the melodie makes the song, but the sounds have to be good for people to really get into it! This pulsating NI Massive electro synth makes a great lead and will work in a really wide range of music beyond the electro genres. The design is incredibly simple and flexible, which means it not only takes just a couple minutes to make but it can easily be customized to your needs. After you have finished following along with the lesson, you may have fun experimenting with different wavetables, filters and inserts. A simple synth, like this one, is often times the easiest to tweak and reuse in multiple projects.

This sound starts off with the default Square-Saw wavetable loaded into OSC1. A Square-Saw II wavetable is then loaded into both OSC2 and OSC3. All three of these main oscillators’ Wt-position knobs are turned all the way to the right to produce a very basic supersaw synth. Now some Phasing is introduced to OSC2 via the Modulation OSC panel. An LFO is assigned to modulate the Phase parameter of the Modulation OSC panel.

Next some Bright Noise and some Feedback are added. The synth is set to operate in Monophonic mode to allow for gliding between notes. The total number of Unisono voices increased to six. A Scream filter is loaded into the Filter1 panel, and Filter2 is left alone. A Hardclipper insert effect and a Frequency Shifter insert effect are added next.

Then two simple envelopes are set up. One is assigned to the pitch parameter of OSc3 and the Amp knob of the Noise oscillator, while the other is assigned to modulate the Amp knob of OSC3. A Synced Delay and some Reverb are added to provide more space and depth to the synth. And that basically wraps up this sound!

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  • Gothboy

    Great lead sound that can easily cut through any mix. Pretty good stuff.