How to Install NI Massive Presets, and Back Them Up!

Today’s featured tutorial is not about making a sound, but how to install NI Massive presets and takes it ones step further showing you how to easily back up those sounds to your Dropbox account. This also works with other online back up and storage services.

It’s never too late to learn the proper way to go about basic file management for your music and audio production workflows. Many of us have learned the hard way to always save, save, and save again while we are working on new music. Well, this is something that should absolutely be applied to your presets and samples, too! In fact, your entire computer should be backed-up regularly. But this tutorial is about helping to ensure you install NI Massive presets and back them up. So let’s get on with it!

Native Instruments has done a great job building building the tools needed to keep an organized library of sounds. So no matter how big, or how varied your collection happens to be, it can all be searched for and loaded in one easy to use interface within NI Massive. It is ultimately up to you, in regards to how you actually organize the files in your computer, but having all presets for Massive held in one area can make your life a whole lot easier. After placing your preset files in the folder you have chosen to store them in, simply add it to Massive’s sound library. Once this is done, make sure to rebuild the library database. It can take a moment to finish syncing up, but it will be worth it!

The next thing to do is make a back-up of your sound library. The video shows actually using the file folder in your DropBox account (Having local file synching is one of the very nice features of using the DropBox service!), but you can also just add a copy of the folder to whatever storage service you happen to use. Keeping backups like this online does eliminate the worry of only having them stored on your computer – you never know when you may have a hard drive fail.

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