Make Your Own Garage House Chord in Massive (Free Preset Included)

Learn how you can create a Garage House chord in Massive that opens up and gets bigger via automation. This sound works for Deep House too!

We are following up last week’s tutorial on HOW TO CREATE A BIG GARAGE BASS  with this one exploring how you can create a really expressive Garage House chord in Massive.

One of the most important steps to remember if you’re trying to make this Garage House chord  in Massive is to set the Filter slider to Serial. If you then pull the Mix Slider down to Mix 2, the sound passes through the Oscillators and Filter 1 and then goes through Filter 2 and finally heads over to the Output. This is important because Filter 2 helps control the sound and tame it quite a bit and Johnny uses this filter setup in the automation.

Some chord sounds in genres like Garage or Deep House can tend to sound generic. Just like in Dubstep, it can be hard to create a unique sounding wobble. To make the Garage House chord in Massive more unique, Johnny applies some modulation to the Filters which he then automates using his DAW, Logic X. You can nearly automate any destination inside of Massive in most DAW’s and it can be a powerful component in taking a sound from generic to unique.

Check out the video to see how Johnny applies the automation.



  • Leslie

    nice tutorial! but the sound u had before you started explaining the turtorial was way cooler :P cheers!

    • Jonny Strinati

      The sound at the start of the tutorial and the sound we remake in the video is exactly the same. Furthermore, there is a link in the video to download the patch.

  • Evermean

    the sound at 1.40 is nice! Good tutorial. cheers.. Can u do one that shows that p funk / boogie sound?

    • Jonny Strinati

      any specific examples you can give as to what sort of sound you’d like to see done?

  • Hendrik Söehnke Beck

    where’s the downloadable Preset?

    • SteveF

      Try now please

      • Hendrik Söehnke Beck

        It says: “Sorry, this product cannot be purchased.”