How To Make A Big Dubstep Snare In Massive

Learn how to make a big dubstep snare in Massive that can help punch through your mix without having to layer and mix a lot of samples.

Dubstep snares can be hard to get just right using sample packs (check out our NI Massive drum sound pack if you are looking for a pre made drum sounds)

There are numerous forums and YouTube videos out there showing you how to layer multiple snares together with tom sounds that need to be EQ’d just right and compressed heavily to get that perfect dubstep snare.

The frustrating thing is, you can’t just use any sample to get that sound.

You have to know what you’re looking for before you even get the layering and the mixing.

It’s a lot easier and quicker to just make a big dubstep snare in Massive.

Getting the Tone right

The hardest part of a dubstep snare is getting the tonality in it. Using samples can take a long time. But luckily when you use a synth to create a dubstep snare, it’s not as hard. By using the oscillators in conjunction with the noise oscillator you can add a tonal element to your sound. And if you KeyTrack it, then it will follow your pitch as you move up and down the keyboard.

That means you can have snares that are in the key of your song which can be really helpful if you’re trying to have a snare cut through the mix. If you have a really dense mix, try playing the minor or major relative of your key to have that snare just pop right out. So lets say your song is in the key of A minor. If you have a bunch of chords and notes playing A, and you play your big dubstep snare in Massive on an A note, odds are it will get lost in the mix. However, if you play C (the relative major or A minor), that snare can jump right out of your mix.

Finally, using this big dubstep snare in Massive and layering it with a clap sample or another snare sample can really make a huge sound!


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