How To make a Dirty Dutch Lead Synth in NI Massive

This is a quick and easy to follow NI Massive video tutorial showing you how to make a Dirty Dutch lead synth with a very minimal amount of programming needed.

Sometime complex sounding synths are actually quite easy to make, like this one. YouTube user RunninElectro shows, in just a few steps, how to make this popular sound. And there are plenty of untouched parameters, effects, etc for you to take advantage of if you want to take this basic sound even further after the tutorial to make it one of your won sounds. Although this sound is quite popular in the Dutch house scene, you can make good use of it in a variety of music genres and use a lot of different waveforms to generate completely different feelings in your music.

You only need one oscillator for this sound, and it is loaded with a basic square saw wavetable producing a clean saw wave. You will want to modulate the pitch of the oscillator with an LFO running at a really high rate generate the high frequency vibrato character you have come to associate with this sound. You also need to switch the voicing to monophon to allow for the glide to kick in. Some simple reverb is added along with a little EQ adjustments to finish up the sound, and it really is that easy! No FX, inserts, envelopes, etc are used up making this synth so you have a ton of opportunities available to you to tweak this sound before it even hits your DAW.