Learn How To Create A Dirty Deep House Bass In Massive

Learn how to create a dirty Deep House bass in Massive. It’s a great sound to freshen up your Deep House tracks!

Johnny shows you how to add a nice twist to a classic sound by adding some dirt to a Deep House bass in Massive. The best part about this Deep House bass in Massive is it’s extremely easy to make and you can apply the tricks that help warm and dirty up the sound to any bass!

The sound is made up of a blend between Square-Saw and Sin-Square wavetables. Both Oscillators are routed to a lowpass filter that will end up being modulated by an Envelope. Johnny also activates the Daft filter type in Filter 2 and by setting up the routing to a Serial setup, the sound passes through the Lowpass 4 and then goes through to the Daft filter. This helps to warm things up a bit.

The real magic with this dirty Deep House bass in Massive is happening in effects section and Modulation Oscillator. By adding some Classic Tube in the FX1 slot, you can add some nice harmonic content to the sound without drastically changing it’s overall character. And to top it off, applying some phase modulation will help make the bass more rich and ready to cut through a mix.