Design a Huge Massive Swell Synth

Learn how to make a huge Massive swell synth that will work with dubstep, progressive and even cinematic genres.

Have you ever purchased a soundset and there was a section of patches titled SYN or SY? That obviously stands for “Synth” and I always love those sounds. I even include them in a lot of my own soundsets. For some reason I tend to look at the “Synth” sounds as something that’s not a bass, lead or pad, but something in between. Usually, the “Synth” patches are some of the most unique and in this tutorial learn how to create a Massive swell synth.

Luckily, to create a huge Massive swell synth you only have to remember a few key steps. First, the most important part of any swelling sound is to dial in the right settings in your envelopes because those effect the attack (or the swell) of the sound. Second, it’s always helpful to remember to add some type of change to a part of the sound to make it evolve over time. That’s what will help make it sound huge to our ears. Third, you want to have a well rounded frequency range represented in your sound. You will notice in the tutorial I pitched up a couple oscillators and pitched down one so the sound has both a bass and lead element to it.

That’s pretty much it, check out the video above to see a huge Massive swell synth in action!


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  • rockdahouse

    Hi, I was just wondering what DAW you use in most of these tutorials.

    • OhmLab

      The DAW is Logic Pro X.