There are a number of formant based waveforms that can be found within Massive’s eclectic waveform list, the SinFormant waveform is just one of many that is capable of interesting sounds.

By simply loading the “SinFormant” waveform into Oscillator 1 and adjusting the Wt-Position all the way to the left we can use Envelope 1 (1 Env) to modulate that Wt-Position parameter at different rates.  The amount of Attack you choose to use on the 1 Env is directly related to how drastic and audible you’d like the transformation of the sound to be.

If you would like to increase the presence of your synth sound, be sure to add FX to the sound such as Reverb and Delay which are two things that were added in the video.


Creating Leads using the SinFormant Oscillator in NI Massive

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