Creating a Big NI Massive Dubstep Riser

This quick video tutorial shares how you can make a big atmospheric NI Massive dubstep riser in no time at all!

There are just as many types and styles of risers as you can imagine, regardless of musical genres. This cool sound would definitely right at home in a dubstep, Dn’B or modern electro song, perhaps even some glitch-hop. I guess my point here is that all it takes is a small amount of tweaking to get a sound like this one to fit into just about any kind of project that can use a good riser. A subtle change may be a wt-position adjustment, a big change may be a different wavetable altogether. But the ideas behind what make this sound work is what is most important. So after you are done following along with this NI Massive dubstep riser lesson, take some time to freely experiment and really make this sound your own!

This NI Massive dubstep riser uses all three main oscillators, each running a sawtooth wavetable and spanning three octaves. Routed directly into Filter1, this sound is then run through a Daft filter which will make this whole riser come together later. A touch of drive and grit are added via a Classic Tube Amp loaded into the FX1 tab and the EQ is used to shape the sound a bit more. Then a Performer is set up and assigned to control the Cutoff knob of the Daft filter. This same Performer is also assigned to modulate the Tube Amp and EQ that were just set up. For added interest and motion, you can add some more modulation to this NI Massive dubstep riser. Try setting up an LFO and assigning it to the Wt-position knobs of the three main oscillators.


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