What Everybody Should Know About Controlling LFO Rates In NI Massive

This tutorial will show you what you need to know if you plan on controlling your LFO rate more effectively.

Are you looking for effective control of the LFO rate?

Controlling your LFO’s rate by painstaking automation in your DAW?

Or perhaps you are looking for a bit more control of your wobbles in Massive?

Jonny Strinati takes us on a 7 minute journey showing us some tips and tricks to get the most out your wobbles and giving you more control of your LFO rate. Jonny recently created the Neurofunk sound pack for NI Massive.

I welcome Jonny to the MassiveSynth.com team – he will be working on more tutorials for us in the near future.

Do you have any tutorial requests for Jonny, or any feedback on this video? Leave it in the comments below!



  • Jeff Thompson

    Great stuff! Thanks dude!

  • http://soundcloud.com/ludovico-pipit Sonic Effect

    Great sound! Rhythm is the most important thing as much as quality, and you are doing a great job with that! Very creative!

    See you!

  • Old boy

    On the money dude!! Awesome!

  • Daniel Tera

    Awesome tutorial! Could you perhaps make a tutorial on how to make the drop bass in Zomboy’s ‘Raptor’?