Make A Commercial Progressive Lead in Massive

In this tutorial, Echo Sound Works will show you how to make a commercial sounding Progressive lead in Massive.

This commercial Progressive lead in Massive would actually fit nicely into multiple genres. It can easily be turned into a pluck too!

There are three key elements that make this sound happen. If you don’t follow these steps, it won’t turn out properly.

1.) Setting up both Filters and making sure the Oscillators pass through serially. Although this is a subtle detail, it will come into play when you modulate the first filter using an envelope.

2.) Using the 1st envelope to modulate the cut off of Filter 1. Make sure the envelope is set to “hold” not “gate”. This gives the Progressive lead in Massive a more chill element.

3.) Using an LFO to modulate the pitch of Oscillator 1. This will make or break the sound. I used a triangle wave and the bending 8 waveform in the LFO to slightly modulate the pitch. Make sure to set the rate to FREE and turn it all the way up!

Check out the video to hear the commercial Progressive lead in Massive.


Echo Sound Works