This is a must watch NI Massive video tutorial for anyone interested in producing any style of dub music or new variation of dub. A classic sound able to be used in a wide range of music!



[aside title="Classic Sounds!"] Sounds that stand the test of time are considered great for a reason![/aside]
We are happy to welcome back YouTube user GudiBeats for this very simple and incredibly useful video showing how to make the classic dub organ sound used in genres ranging from reggae to dubstep. It only takes him about a minute to show how he transforms a single oscillator sound into the iconic dub sound that has lasted decades. Keep in mind that this sound is actually quite flexible, even though it is known by this rather famous single sound. Simply adjusting the delay timing in the stereo channels will alter the space quite a bit. You can also play around with a secondary delay and have some amazing results! One more trick you may want to try is layering a second oscillator under the main sound for a supporting bass tone. Just a couple of ideas to keep you thinking about how to make sounds like this even more interesting for your music.

Starting with a Screamer wavetable, it is then routed through a lowpass filter and shaped by the main Amp envelope. The rest of the magic happens with some reverb and synced delay. That’s it! It really is that easy. Sometimes sound design is incredibly rewarding when you keep things simple. I personally always strive to maintain the reputation for a ‘Less is more’ approach to my sounds, and this is exactly why I do that. Now that you have a nice and effective sound made, you save it and have a go at making it into something more. Attempt to find your very own signature to apply to this sound and make it fit perfectly with your music.

Interested in learning more about producing iconic sounds like this one? Shoot us a message or leave a comment below and let us know what you want to see. Or perhaps you have a sound you would like to share with the community? Even better! We’d love to hear from you.


How to Make a Classic Dub Pluck with NI Massive

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  • Jhonn Lenon

    hi, am new to the world of NI, I am having trouble configure the NI along with Ableton Live, I can not even perform some trail porfavor would like to help one of you, I live in Brazil and not mastered English very well and is very difficult compriender the tutorial, but I’m learning a lot enpenhado in this program.
    All involved in programming for this excellent software are parabens