Take Your Chord Sounds In Massive Even Further

In part two of this month’s featured series, learn how to thicken up chord sounds in Massive to make them thicker and more playable.

Last week Johnny started a tutorial series focusing on how to create chord sounds in Massive. You can see that tutorial HERE. In this week’s tutorial, learn how to take your chord sounds in Massive and beef them up to make them more playable.

The Voicing Tab in Massive is one of the most important sections of the synth. This is where you can choose between polyphonic and monophonic voicing, add unison spread, set the amount of unison voices etc. One of Massive’s hidden features is the unison spread slider in the Voicing Tab. By turning it on and sliding the voices up or modulating the pitch cutoff up using any modulator you choose, you can create thick, detuned unison styled sounds. Or in this case, use it to add a detuned sound to your chord sound(s).

It’s important to remember that you will have to play around with the detuned pitch values to get them to fit with either your tuning in the oscillators or the wavetable you’re using.

Try it out and get some thicker chord sounds in Massive!


  • Rob van Hees

    Hi, great tut again, thank you ! But while holding “shift” while dragging envelope 1 instead of just dragging without “shift” ??



    • Jonny Strinati

      By holding shift and clicking and dragging the crosshair of a modulator (in this case the envelope) we can drop it in multiple modulation slots, without having to go back to the crosshair and clicking and dragging it again.