Learn How To Create A Chill Out Pluck In Massive

In this tutorial, Johnny will show you how to create a Chill Out pluck in Massive. It could be used in multiple genres of Chill Out and House.

It can pretty easy to make some great sounding Chill Out leads and basses in Massive. It isn’t always as straight forward with other sounds like plucks. The bulk of this Chill Out pluck in Massive is made by stacking a couple wavetables together and using some Envelopes to control the the Filter Cut Off.

The first wavetable Johnny uses to make this Chill Out pluck in Massive is the Acid wavetable. He chose this because it has a unique sonic character. He blends that with the Square Saw I wavetable to get a more thick and balanced tone.

One of the most important steps in creating this Chill Out pluck in Massive is the Envelope shapes and the Envelope modulation destinations.

Johnny uses the Side Chain feature in Oscillator 1 to help create a “plucky” sound. By dragging an Envelope cross hair into the first available slot under the Cut Off knob and ticking the arrow downwards, you can then use Massive’s Side Chain feature to control the volume of the modulated envelope. Simply create a new Macro and title it whatever you like and drag that Macro into the SC box in the Cut Off of Filter 1. Now your macro will react to the Envelope shape and control the Cut Off frequency in a much more controlled way.

Check out the video to hear the Chill Out pluck in Massive and learn some useful third processing tips


  • Tallis Morelle

    beautiful sound mate. cheers. loved the tut.