Bassnectar Lights Bass Synth Tutorial for NI Massive

This NI Massive video tutorial does a great job of not only recreating this popular, and very cool, sound but it is also very easy to follow along with and understand.

As with a lof of really popular sounds, this one is surprisingly simple. Would you have guessed that it’s just a simple supersaw? Well it is. And this video will show you how to recreate is in a matter of seconds. One you are done, you have just every single parameter of all of Massive’s effects, inserts, envelopes, etc to really make this sound one of your own and fir perfectly into your next project. You even have another oscillator available to you that can be used to add another layer of sound or even a sequence modulated by a controller such as the stepper or performer.

This sound starts with both OSC1 and OSC2 running a saw wave. Both are dropped two octaves to get down into the heavy bass realm. Now both oscillators are routed to only Filter1. Over on the Filter1 panel you insert a Lowpass4 filter. As you increase the cutoff value, you will reveal more fo the sound. Make sure you main Amp Envelope (4Env) has the Decay volume raised up all the way before moving on.

Now a quick visit to the Voicing tab. Increase the number of Unison Voices to 7 and activate the Pitch Cutoff feature and slide the value up slightly to introduce some phasing. Adjust the Cutoff and Resonance knobs of Filter1 to taste and then move on to the OSC tab and turn of the Glide value to make for a smooth transition between notes. That’s it! You just recreated the Bassnectar bass from the famous remix of the song Lights.

Do you have a specific sound you want to learn how to make? Send us a tutorial request and we’ll see what we can do. Thanks for stopping by!


  • Cassady Miller

    I’d love to learn how to make the Kill the Noise growl bass from “Must Be the Feeling” remix.

  • Docile Doberman

    Awesome tut !