Modulating the Bandreject filter in Massive using the Performer allows us to create an almost slammed open type of effect with our bass presets in Massive.

To start off we will take really any waveform, as that is not as important as the technique that comes after.  Once you have chosen your waveforms, you will open the Performer tab and follow along with the video to create a down and up modulation within the performer’s steps.

What we can now do is add some FX, once again, these are not as important as what we will do to the bandreject filter’s Bandwidth with the performer as the modulator.  Once we have the sound where we’d like it to be.  We will add a Bandreject filter for Filter 1, and turn the cut off just passed halfway, while the resonance is just below halfway on the dial.  Now we will turn the Bandwidth the full way to the right and modulate it to the LEFT (the entire way) using the Performer that we created earlier.  Now we will also map the performer to the Wt-Position of the oscillators we are using (in specific for this tutorial).  This will create a slamming effect within the entire sound of the preset.


Using the Bandreject filter to Create interesting Bass Synths in NI Massive

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